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Whether they’re hoping to meet a life partner or just looking to go out on a few dates, more and more people are using online dating sites to give cupid a much-needed kick up the backside.
Blay investigated Melchert-Dinkel's "Li Dao" identity and discovered that he had previously agreed to earlier suicide pacts.

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"If I could only express to you in words how much tonight helped heal a lot of wounds.

I hope through sharing my story, someone out there who needed to hear it now knows they are not alone.

"Maybe this will bring them around." Rice's full version of "Piece by Piece" is on i Tunes.

One day, I came home after class because my dad said he wanted to talk.

He basically said he had heard a rumor about me dating this girl, but he knew it wasn't true.

He grabbed me and said, "If I find out any of this is true, I'm going to throw you around like a ping-pong ball." Luckily, my counselor overheard him and grabbed me and hid me in her office until he calmed down.

At the time, [all of this]—plus the idea of going to hell—caused me to run back into the closet at full speed.