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Internet dating trailer

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The film mixes animation and live action segments to illustrate its points.

The Pointless Epilogue: As the Webmaster and Thomas wrap things up, Diamanda Hagan interrupts them and tries to propose her own short.

The short shows the dangers of being more obsessed with fictional lives than your own life. Donivan, a mild-mannered vet, is commissioned by the government to help with an alien menace.

The aliens speak in a strange language and Donivan is the only one able to decrypt it.

To combat this, he decides to try online dating to find that special someone.

Presented as a mini-documentary, the film chronicles his first internet date.

On July 2nd, 2013, a teaser trailer for the five year event was released.

Year Five refers to Channel Awesome's five year anniversary event.

Unlike the past events, instead of one collaborative video, there will be five short films making up the event.

At the end, it stated the videos will be released between July 23-28, as in a short film per day.

The shorts involved are by Doug Walker, That Sci Fi Guy, Mike J, Brad Jones, and Welshy.