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And we know the Top Gunge Girls love to pull on their posh frocks and pitch up at the studio for christmassy-themed games, from specials like Pass-the-Parcel, Pictionary and the Christmas-Dinner-guessing-game to favourites like the Gunge Bowl and the Gunge Booth!

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For club sports we have Men's Boxing, Cycling and Sumo Wrestling along with Women's Cycling, Badminton and Ultimate Frisbee. I lead a secretive, alternative sexual life most folks don't even suspect me of. Whenever I see a big girl with a big booty, I get urges.

The school's sports teams are collectively known as the Montello College Screaming Raiders and Lady Raiders. I'm attending Montello College on an athletic scholarship. At this point, I don't think I can deny it any longer.

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She's best friends with Slater Chang, my buddy from the Men's Volleyball team. This six-foot-four, 250-pound Asian-American stud is one of the best players in Men's Collegiate Volleyball across North America. Anyhow, I liked Alice because she loved sex and didn't give me any drama. I suckled on her tits while Alice licked her pussy. I moved up on her body and inserted my cock into her mouth. Especially since when I came, she drank my manly seed. The big black woman's eyes bulged as the plump white beauty fist-fucked her. I'm proud of my body, unlike lots of big folks who got self-esteem and body image issues. I used to play Football at Montello Technical High School in Montello City, Massachusetts. I attend Montello College in Southern Massachusetts. The school is wonderfully diverse, evenly split between the sexes. There are certain advantages that come from being big. Mocha-skinned, cute and with a fine bubble butt, too! I stroked Kendra's dreadlock-covered head as she sucked me off. A six-foot-two, pretty-faced, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black female. Kendra eagerly sucked on my cock and balls while Alice licked and fingered her pussy. Mene usse uske room ki chabhi li aur chala gya room pr…Ab bhabhi sb kuch smjh chuki thi.. Mene der na krte hue bhabhi ko banho m bhar liya aur wo mjhe kiss krne lgi.. Aur mere lund ko lekr apni chut pr rkh diya …Mene ek jordar dhakka diya mera adha lund unki chut m jaa chuka tha wo chillaii….