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Dating men with vasectomies

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While the laws governing minimum vasectomy age will vary depending country and jurisdiction, in the United States any man who is over 18 years of age and mentally sound can have a vasectomy.From a legal standpoint, what you do with your reproductive system as an adult is entirely up to you.The incisions allow the surgeon to access the vas deferens, or sperm-carrying tubes. The ends of the tubes are then closed, either by tying them or sealing them using a diathermy (an instrument that heats to a very high temperature).

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You may also find that some doctors will take a middle road, agreeing to perform the operation but requiring a “cooling down” period to ensure the patient is making a sound decision.

But family planning experts say they are being increasingly shunned by men who view them as an ‘irreversible’ lifestyle choice.

Clare Murphy, from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the country’s largest abortion provider, said many couples were waiting until their late 30s and 40s to have children.‘This may well have implications for the numbers of men seeking vasectomies, as couples want to retain their fertility for longer.‘But it's also possible there's greater awareness that relationships can break down and circumstances change, which may make some men more reluctant to seek a method that can be extremely difficult to reverse.

The procedure involves severing, then sealing off, a tube called the vas deferens, which carries sperm from the testes to the penis.

This prevents sperm from reaching the seminal fluid (semen), which is ejaculated from the penis during sex.