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Adventure (1) – Any game with elements of exploration or item-hunting. Most games labelled “adventure” are actually “find the hidden object” platformers like Adventure (2) – A more specific term for games in which the focus is on the player solving puzzles and using items in the correct configuration. Many Visual Novels are dumbed-down versions of these. A useful strategy for deliberately taking hits so your allies can attack the enemy from behind, or drawing enemies out one by one so you can fight them at your leisure. A term derived from computer science that, in the context of gaming simply refers to: game behavior that changes in reaction to player input, as contrasted to game action that is merely scripted.

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Windows Ink Workspace which arrived with the Anniversary update in August is the name of the pen support that already exists in Windows.It acts as the central hub to access Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen sketch.Windows Hello is one of the most important security enhancements to Windows 10.When activated, Hello uses biometric identification including fingerprints and facial recognition to make sure only authorized users can log into a computer.

Another important security feature of Windows 10, Microsoft Passport, works with or without Hello to eliminate the need to use passwords when accessing resources online and across networks.

When launched, Windows 10 recorded millions of upgrades which just grew, but with them, so did the bugs and other problems as well.

However, Microsoft responded to all the criticism fairly quickly with updates which resolved the majority of the issues and Threshold 2, something of a service pack, which would hopefully improve Windows 10.

Windows has had the ability to run multiple desktops since XP days.

You just had to install an add-on like the XP Virtual Desktop Manager hidden in Microsoft’s XP Power Toys.