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Updating xml using jdom

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Your information about using .netrc worked to some degree. In my comments higher up I referred to writing the command to a file, doing a chmod x etc.

I woks when I run the ftp command from the unix prompt, but it still hangs when I attempt to execute from SQL*PLUS. Obviously that's only if you don't know the command you want to run.

Runtime Permission', '*', 'read File Descriptor' ); -- try to accomodate input/output redirection ('SCOTT', '

File Permission', '/tmp/*', 'read,write'); -- commit; end; / 2.) changed RC to output the return code: CREATE OR REPLACE procedure RC(p_cmd in varchar2) as x number; begin x := run_cmd(p_cmd); DBMS_OUTPUT.

The Ask TOM team is taking a break over the holiday season. Security Permission n oracle.aurora.rdbms.security. what happens if you just enter: c:\windows\/c dir on the dos prompt itself. what if you create a script: do_dir.bat: @echo off dir and run that instead?

Thanks for being a member of the Ask TOM community. This year we've answered over 2800 of your questions and followed up on 3500 reviews. Steve, I'm looking for a Java-procedure executing host calls on a Unix environment from the Oracle-server. November 22, 2001 - am UTC did you call the do_from the java stored procedure -- if so, thats your solution.

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Runtime Permission', '*', 'write File Descriptor' ); -- try to accomodate input redirection dbms_java.grant_permission ('SCOTT', '

We could have allowed it to execute /usr/bin/* or * or whatever -- I'm just letting it execute that one program. To make this callable as a procedure (ignoring the return code), we'll create a procedure: [email protected] exec rc('/usr/bin/ps -ef'); UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD root 0 0 0 Aug 17 ? EXE *** 2001-11-22 .720 *** SESSION ID:(17.10) 2001-11-22 .610 Specified COMMAND search directory bad Microsoft(R) Windows 98 (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998. You see the error message there "Specified COMMAND search directory bad" and a command prompt. Unfortunately for you - this command prompt is in the background, you cannot see it, you cannot type into it. 1.) Granted the following privs from sys: begin dbms_java.grant_permission ('SCOTT', '

Now, RT_TEST would create in its schema: [email protected] create or replace 2 function RUN_CMD( p_cmd in varchar2) return number 3 as 4 language java 5 name 'Util. File Permission', '/tmp/*', 'execute'); dbms_java.grant_permission ('SCOTT', '

I know the standard way of doing it by means of Pro C (for Oracle versions before 8.1) but I do not have the Pro C compiler available. You see -- this is purely a "command.com" issue here -- we are getting a error "search path invalid (sounds like a bad COMSPEC or something, been a really long time since I worked with dos stuff like that). but that's just because I haven't had the turkey yet.

I do not know Java or Pro C (nor do I currently have the time to learn them). 8.1.6 added lots of new security features so this would be a little different in 8.1.5 but mostly the same. I'm going to grant as little as I have to get allow us to execute the program /usr/bin/ps. I think 'Steve' is Tom's alter ego -- you know, the one who is answering questions and such on Thanksgiving! hi tom Sorry for disturbance on thanks giving but my problem is critical i have to implement this on coming MONDAY when i run exec rc('c:\windows\/c dir'); it never come back THIS TIME I SET SQL_TRACE = TRUE AND LOG FILE IS AS FOLLOWS I KILLED SESSION FOR THREE TIMES AND CHECK LOG FILE EACH TIME.